California LGMA Awarded Grant for Food Safety Training



Last week we got the news that the California LGMA has been awarded $247,445 as part of the California Specialty Crop Block Grant program to enhance food safety training programs in the California leafy greens industry. Food safety training for workers is required as part of the rigorous food safety practices and all LGMA members must be in compliance with this requirement. The LGMA has been conducting training for leafy greens personnel and harvest crews for a few years now, but this grant will allow us to expand and build in our existing program.


Specifically, our plan is to create an industry-wide program with six individual modules to ensure handler food safety practices are in compliance with LGMA metrics. These modules include:

  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Cleaning and sanitizing equipment
  • Employee sanitation and hygiene
  • Testing and sampling procedures
  • Managing personnel and harvesting operations
  • Train-the-trainer 


We are very excited about receiving this grant because it will assist us in creating more uniform content and standards as part of our ongoing food safety workshops. This is something that retail and foodservice buyers have stressed they will be requiring in the future.  Additionally the new training program will be designed to align with the new training requirements included in FDA’s Produce Rule (a part of the Food Safety Modernization Act).  


The grant period will begin next month.  For more information on LGMA training visit LGMA Tech.


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