5th Annual Farm Food Safety Tour

The tour group observes a lettuce harvest crew in Salinas


Last week the LGMA hosted its fifth annual Farm Food Safety Tour for buyers.  This event provides an opportunity for representatives from the buying side to learn more about leafy green farming and to see first-hand the food safety practices and government audits that are mandatory under the LGMA program.


The tour group spent the first day out on the farm learning about how vegetable crops are grown and the external factors that affect farming in 2013 like water, labor and (of course) food safety.  Next they sat down with LGMA staff to get an understanding of how the LGMA process works, including the program’s compliance and enforcement element.  The next day they returned to the fields and observed LGMA government inspectors conduct a mock audit. 


For the LGMA these tours are not just “show and tell.”  They provide an opportunity for our organization to help vested parties get a better understanding of how this complex, but effective, system keeps food safer; but they also allow for us to get valuable feedback from people who took time out of their busy schedules to learn more. 


At the conclusion of the tour one of the participants, Ryan Larkan of Tesco, was kind enough to share this feedback with us:


I feel the work the LGMA and the industry in general is invaluable – you definitely need everyone to raise the bar of food safety together otherwise the industry is exposed by the “weakest link”.

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