For the LGMA, Every Day is About Food Safety

Tuesday, April 7th is World Health Day.

The LGMA is paying particular attention to this global event organized by the World Health Organization (WHO) because this year’s theme is an issue near-and-dear to our hearts – food safety.

As part of today’s World Health Day events, the WHO is asking this question – How Safe is Your Food? They are calling on producers, policy-makers and the public to promote food safety and they’re suggesting that people around the world should be informed to ensure that the food on your plate is safe to eat.  They’ve created the hashtag #safefoods so that people can easily share this information on social media.

The LGMA and its members are working every day to make sure that California leafy greens served on plates around the world (over 35 billion servings annually) are safe.  So, we thought it would be a great idea to “celebrate” World Health Day by sharing what California leafy greens farmers, harvesters, handlers, marketers and even our own staff members are doing on this day to make leafy greens safe.

Through social media, the LGMA will be sharing what’s going on in California leafy greens community to bring safe and healthy leafy greens to market.  California, together with the Arizona leafy greens industry, supplies 90 percent of the leafy greens grown in the U.S.  These products are shipped around the world.  The vast majority of leafy greens produced in both states are grown under the jurisdiction of a comprehensive food safety program, which requires handlers to follow a set of science-based food safety practices.  To ensure practices are being followed, members are subject to mandatory government audits.

Food safety is indeed of critical importance throughout the world. We’re very happy the WHO has selected this topic as their theme for World Health Day; it is something we care about and are committed to on this day and every day.

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