STOP Foodborne Illness’ Feature on Dan Sutton

STOP Foodborne Illness just published a great interview with California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement member Dan Sutton of the Pismo-Oceano Vegetable Exchange.  Dan is the new chairman of LGMA’s Communications Committee and you’ll see why when you read this interview.  Dan is a great communicator because he speaks from the heart.  His personal food safety story is motivating people throughout his company’s operations and the entire leafy greens community to remember those who’ve been impacted by foodborne illness.  Even more importantly, he reminds us to think about the lives that are saved when food safety practices are followed to the letter.

In the past few years, the LGMA has built a great working relationship with STOP Foodborne Illness that is based on a shared desire to prevent people from becoming ill.  We’re very pleased that Dan and the LGMA are featured in this e-newsletter – particularly because the article is part of a series called “Conversations and Collaborations.”   The LGMA’s is so thankful to STOP for collaborating with us to produce a training video now used as part of our LGMA Tech program.   The video is having a tremendous impact on those who attend the LGMA training workshops.  Dan explains how in the STOP interview:

Before the video was available, I did my best to tell stories of foodborne illness to our employees. But, I couldn’t quite get the message across effectively. With the video, they hear directly from real people whose lives have been impacted by foodborne illness in a powerful, emotional way that helps our employees take to heart the horrible health consequences of contaminated food.” 

You can read the full interview with Dan here on STOP’s website.  While you’re on the site, take a moment to look around and learn more about the organization and people behind it.    Since meeting members of this organization, the LGMA is happy to call them our friends.   We thank both STOP and Dan for sharing this great story of collaboration.

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