Jim Gorny to help Build Bridges

We were pleased to see that Jim Gorny has joined the FDA in the newly-created position of Senior Science Advisor for Produce Safety at the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN). When he was asked to summarize the role he will play at FDA, Jim neatly summed it up as follows:

It’s all about building bridges, both within and outside of the agency.

Given Jim’s vast knowledge, he is an excellent choice to help FDA in building these bridges.  Jim brings a wealth of experience with the produce industry  – first at United Fresh, more recently at PMA – to this role. He understands how produce is grown, processed and marketed. And he can communicate the facts about the industry to his new colleagues at FDA. And I also believe he will be able to better communicate the agency’s point of view to the industry.

The “building bridges” quote comes from a Q&A published on the FDA website this week. In it, Gorny talks about his role with FDA, how implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act will roll out on farms, and his background with food safety. One key comment relates to guidance for farmers in implementing the Produce Safety Rule:

One priority is to develop and release the guidance documents that will help provide clarity for farmers preparing for compliance and make sure they know what’s expected…Going forward, I hope to bring some momentum and to provide insights on how best to facilitate getting our key guidance documents across the finish line. We’re down to the nitty gritty now, and I want to offer some pragmatic solutions to complex problems that we’re working so hard to get right.

Again, communications between industry and the FDA appears to be one of Jim Gorny’s priorities, and we couldn’t be more supportive of his important role in the agency.

Read the entire Q&A with Jim Gorny here >

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